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By:Khodayar Abdollahi 

Project Description


Many developers argue that analysis of user inputs is not an easy task and some of existing software’s inherently safer just because of bad inputs. I have a need to make an on-screen keyboard with standard features for my hydrological library (this library basically is a bunch functions for spatial and temporal computation which has been developed in Vrije University of Brussels). Current article looks at a small part of my work starting from zero in programming to make a virtual keyboard. Advantage of this keyboard in an international environment like Brussels is that you may avoid wrong characters.  In addition these simple feature makes life much easier.



Sometimes you prefer to use virtual keyboard instead of relying on the physical keyboard. you may use On-Screen Keyboard as optional way to input data or you can mix entered data from physical and virtual keyboards. This On-Screen Keyboard is designed to display all the standard keys, virtually. Current version of On-Screen keyboard accepts input from 3 kinds of control including Combobox, textbox, richtextbox but you can easily extend it for other sort usages.

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